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21 November 2009 @ 08:56 pm
Round 1, Challenge 4 - Jigsaw Puzzle RESULTS  
Well, it's results day today!

Without any ado...

First place: lizousweets of Team Tony with a grand 5:44
Second place: penelope_ziva of Team Ziva with a close 5:49
Third place: hourglass244 of Team McGee with 6:51

Team Tony receives 5 points for participating, Team Ziva receive 5 also, as do Team McGee and Team Abby.

Points wise, that gives...

Team Tony: 55 points
Team Ziva: 45 points
Team McGee: 30 points
Team Abby: 5 points
Team Gibbs: 0 points

And that changes the points table to...

Team Ziva: 215 points
Team McGee: 210 points
Team Abby: 65 points
Team Tony: 55 points
Team Gibbs: 5 points

Team Ziva and Team McGee are vying for first place, while Team Tony surged up from last place to catch up with Team Abby, while Team Gibbs are still hanging around at the bottom of the leaderboard... will challenge 5 change everything?