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21 February 2010 @ 12:23 pm
Well, the round is finished and we have results!

In first place is Team Ziva with 2525 points.

In second place is Team McGee with a very close 2465 points.

In third place is Team Gibbs, catching up with 1815 points.

Team Abby received fourth place with 800 points...

and last but by no means least is Team Tony with 535 points!

Congratulations to Team Ziva!

This round, and unfortunately this community too, are now closed.

There wasn't much participation, especially near the end, and there weren't many members in the team. I apologize so much, especially to those of you who participated in every challenge!
21 February 2010 @ 12:19 pm
There was only one entry for challenge 20!

The winner for both pictures was heimdall of Team Gibbs, which gives her 220 points!

The winning captions:

Picture 1:
Tony: "Oh Jessica, you're not bad, you're just drawn that way!"

Picture 2:
Gibbs: "There's something on the end of your nose, DiNozzo."
Kate: *sniggers*

And that brings us to the end of this round! CASE CLOSED! Anyone for an end of case donut?
12 February 2010 @ 07:04 pm
Challenge 18 Results:

First post: heimedall for Team Gibbs
50 points for heimedall for Team Gibbs
50 points for penelope_ziva for Team Ziva
35 points for meredith44 for Team Abby
50 points for sara_f_black for Team Ziva
35 points for schizophrenic0 for Team McGee
10 points for jack_infinitude for Team McGee

Team Ziva: 100 points
Team Gibbs: 70 points
Team Abby: 70 points
Team McGee: 45 points
Team Tony: 0 points

Challenge 19 Results:

heimedall: 450 points [Team Gibbs]
gilly09: 450 points [Team Tony]
schizophrenic0: 450 points [Team McGee]
sara_f_black: 150 points [Team Ziva]
jack_infinitude: 150 points [Team McGee]

Team McGee: 600 points
Team Gibbs: 450 points
Team Tony: 450 points
Team Ziva: 150 points
Team Abby: 0 points

And what does that do to the points board?

Team Ziva: 2525
Team McGee: 2465
Team Gibbs: 1595
Team Abby: 800
Team Tony: 535

Oh, first and second are very close, and Team Tony is catching up... only ONE CHALLENGE to go!
12 February 2010 @ 06:42 pm
Challenge 20... the final challenge!

It is a caption contest!

The caps are from 1x20 Missing.

See the caps here and here.

Basic Description:

In the caption contests, all you need to do is come up with captions for the caps provided! Simple, huh? There will then be voting on the captions.

Points Breakdown:

Points per caption (maximum 5 captions for each cap for 100 points): 10 points each
First place: 200 points
Second place: 150 points
Third place: 100 points

Due Date:

Saturday, 20th February 2010 at 11am GMT.
30 January 2010 @ 04:58 pm
It's the penultimate challenge...

cap under the cut...Collapse )

You just need to guess:

The characters in the cap
The season
The episode
The location

Points Breakdown:

Characters on first guess: 100 points
Characters on second guess: 50 points

Season on first guess: 100 points
Season on second guess: 50 points

Episode on first guess: 200 points
Episode on second guess: 150 points
Episode on third guess: 100 points

Location on first guess: 50 points
Location on second guess: 20 points

There are many points to be gained in this challenge!

Just comment with your guesses... All comments are screened.

Challenge ends Saturday February 6th at 3pm GMT.
28 January 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Well, I guess I should start with the apologies. I am SO sorry that I seem to have deserted this comm, I haven't, I promise! I've just been surprisingly busy and had almost no time and I'm really sorry! Challenge 18 Results should be posted on Sunday, if not, someone can virtual slap me. I promise.

Challenge 17 Results

Not much uptake on this at ALL!

Team Gibbs: 5 points
Team Ziva: 0 points
Team McGee: 0 points
Team Abby: 0 points
Team Tony: 0 points

Comm Look

I'm sure you will have noticed that the comm looks slightly different! That is thanks to the amazing, heimedall of Team Gibbs, who is helping me with my comm layouts!
16 January 2010 @ 11:54 am
Challenge 18

Basic Description:

With the discussion challenges I will post a statement or a question and debate/discussion commences about that topic. Remember that you don't have to get to the 11 plus comments, that is just there in case people get into the debate.

Try and make sure that your posts add to the discussion - if it is just a 'I agree' it won't be counted!

Points Breakdown:

First Comment: 20 Extra Points
1 Comment: 10 Points
2-5 Comments: 20 Points
6-10 Comments: 35 Points
11+ Comments: 50 Points

How To Enter:

Chat in the comments to this thread. Remember to include a team banner or your team name at the bottom of your comment!

Due Date:
Wednesday 20th January at 3pm GMT

Who do you 'ship? Why?
NO SHIPPING WARS. Be nice everyone! Remember, everyone is allowed to have an opinion!!
If you bash someone's ship you will have 50 points taken off your team total.

Also, remember to enter Challenge 17 - Pimping!
14 January 2010 @ 05:51 pm
Challenge 14 Results

First place: Set 1 [heimedall]
Second place: Set 17 [penelope_ziva]
Third place: Set 5 [penelope_ziva]
Best icons: Set 1 [heimedall]
Best Banner: Set 6 [penelope_ziva]
Best fan fic: Set 17 [penelope_ziva]
Most creative: Set 6 [penelope_ziva]

Team Ziva: 415 points
Team McGee: 225 points
Team Gibbs: 165 points
Team Abby: 0 points
Team Tony: 0 points

Challenge 15 Results

First place: 4 [heimedall]
Second place: 5 [heimedall]
Third place: 9 [penelope_ziva]
Most creative: 6 [heimedall]
Best text: 7 [penelope_ziva]
Rating for the holiday banner: 6/10 [jack_infinitude]

Team Gibbs: 360 points
Team Ziva: 170 points
Team McGee: 160 points

Headers to be used:

4 [heimedall]
5 [heimedall]
9 [penelope_ziva]
6 [heimdall]
7 [penelope_ziva]
Valentine's Day [jack_infinitude]

Challenge 16 Results

Heimedall: 50 points
Kereia: 35 points
Meredith44: 40 points
Schizophrenic0: 45 points

Team Gibbs: 85 points
Team McGee: 45 points
Team Abby: 40 points
Team Ziva: 0 points
Team Tony: 0 points

Team Ziva: 415 points
Team Gibbs: 250 points
Team McGee: 270 points
Team Abby: 40 points
Team Tony: 0 points

Points board:

Team Gibbs: 775 points
Team Ziva: 1000 points
Team McGee: 655 points
Team Abby: 40 points
Team Tony: 0 points
07 January 2010 @ 08:29 pm
Basic Description:

Here is an new type of challenge to get some more members in. Your aim is to pimp out this community to people and the more people you get to join, the more points you will receive. There are a few rules however, with the top one being the most important...

The new member MUST participate; it doesn't help anyone if we just get people joining and not joining in. Therefore, before you get your points for bringing in the member, they must participate on the challenges at least two times (this doesn't have to be three separate challenges, it could, for instance, be two comments on the discussion post - there will be more challenges up later soon.)

For you to get points, they must put your name down when they join somewhere on their application (for instance, on the 'where did you hear about this comm' line).

Each new member can only be referred by one person - if more than one is listed in their application, the first they mention gets the points!

Points Breakdown:

Each member you bring in: 20 points
Advertising: 5 points per place you advertise

How To Enter:

Spread the word about us and make sure that your new member puts your name down as to why they've joined! Post here with links of your pimping posts!

Due Date:

Sunday 17th January at 3pm UK Standard Time
07 January 2010 @ 08:27 pm
It's voting time!

headers under the cutCollapse )

Please vote on

First place:
Second place:
Third place:
Most creative:
Best text:
Rating out of 10 for the holiday banner:

Voting ends Monday, January 11th at 3pm GMT.

Do not vote for your own.
Do not ask others to vote for you.